Our talent and influencers come from a wide creative background and have harnessed the power of social media to become regional and global celebrities. Work with them in many ways: hosting; producing; acting; event appearances; brand ambassadors; social media campaigns; and much more! Contact the talent management team to find out how you can create custom packaged ideas in collaboration with UTURN talent and influencers.

Badr Saleh

Bader Saleh was the first in the Middle East to receive the Youtube Golden Button. As the host of the hit Youtube show Eysh Elly. Badr is also the host of the MBC Show Alleila M3 Badr. He is Known as one of the most influential individuals in GCC on the social network. ..

Hatoon Kadiunknown

Blogger, scriptwriter and presenter of the YouTube show Noon Al- Niswa and TV show Kelmatain We Bas on MBC. Weekly columnist at Arabnews newspaper, holds a PH.D. degree in Educational Informatics, University of Sheffield,in addition to a Master degree from Lancaster University Management school in IT Management and Organizational Change. Mother of Ahmed and Awwab. ..


Number One Gamer in Middle East area. D7oomy is known for being a great commentator - releases daily videos and does live streaming videos regularly. ..

The Saudi Reportersunknown

Two young brothers, Abdullah and Abdelaziz who are quirky and funny, promoting good values through their sketches, and challenges. ..

Dr. Muna Abusulaymanunknown

MBC, Co-host Kalam Nawaem Longest Running TV Show in the Arab World. UN World Humanitarian Summit- Regional Expert United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) @ocharomena Partner, The Global Fashion Destination for Modest Lifestyle ..

Moumen Afandi

Actor, Comedian, and The Executive Producer of Esh Elly Show on Youtube. Moumen successfully increased his fanbase recently through different social media platforms, and became a well known figure in GCC area...


JOTARO is widely known as a creative influencer. He pursued his dreams in filmmaking industry with passion & love for Art, leading him to the right career. Moreover, he participated in Esh Elly and Takki (Saudi Drama Series), performed as a Stand Up Comedian, not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in the Gulf region including Dubai Tourism Festival & Abu Dhabi Tourism Festival...

Ammar Ramadan unknown

One of the most famous saudi Rapper, the host of the AlFe2a Al-Falah show on YouTube, and a participant on the MBC show, Action Ya 3yal. ..

Mahmoud Ramadanunknown

Actor, and co-host of AlFe2a Al-Falah show on YouTube, and a well-known social media activist. ..

Moiyad Baghdady

Youtuber , The Host of Moiyad 3almashi show on Youtube, Vlogger, traveler, and experimental. One of the first Youtubers in Saudi Arabia A big add and influence for the new generation. ..

Faisal alkhaledunknown

Actor/ Comedian, creative writer, fashion designer, member of Al-Dewanyah Band ( percussionist), and actor in Bab Wahed show on MBC channel. ..

Loay Alshareef

Loay Ahmed Alshareef, master's of Software Engineering from Penn State. Producer and presenter of the YouTube show "Fallimha" that teaches people through Hollywood movies. Interested in Semitic languages and Arabic, Jewish and Syriac heritage and ancient civilizations especially the ones lived in Arabia. ..

Hussein Bin Mahfouzunknown

A professional Skate Champion, actor, and owner of skate stores "My Wheels". Hussein has won the 3rd place champion in Asia and the 10th Place internationally. Hussein usually never comes alone there's always the twin "Hassan"...

Anas Iskanderunknown

Young Saudi traveler, Vlogger who wants to explore different cultures, and new activities with low budgets. ..

Razan Mansour

Razan mansour is Saudi Female Actress and fashion icon. Razan is the main host of Ana w heya Season 2 and in Ramadan she participated in Haret Alsheikh Series on MBC...

Rafal Sariaunknown

Rafal Saria is Saudi Female fashion icon interested in fashion, make-up and lifestyle. Her aim is to encourage females to be confident in themselves in addition to provide them with tips and recommendations on how to be fashionable from affordable shopping outlets. ..


Actor in Ana w Heya Youtube Show, Known on social media for creating Comedy sketches and short videos...

Turki Khanunknown

Host on Rotana Khalejiya , Child Development Coach, and Life Coach..

Fa9la Al3dadunknown

A fresh talent, Mother of 3. Passionate about women causes and social activist. ..

Owaidh Al Otaibiunknown

Saudi actor on YouTube. Participated in Hassan and Hasneen movie, If Google were Saudi, the Saudi national day song, and many other successful videos. Plus, he's a social media activist. ..

Rania Rigo unknown

Actress in Ana Wa Haya show, a comedian, and an activist on different social media platforms. ..

Khalid Assiri

The host of Error Show on Youtube, Youtube Vlogger, Actor & a Stand up Comedian..

TM Faisal

Hardcore gamer specializing in PC games ..


Gamer & a Vloger who also engages in various challenges ..


Gamer & a Vloger who does comedy sketches & challenges ..

Max Gamer

Gamer & Vloger who does sketches, challenges & short movies ..

Suha Nowailatyunknown

A young Saudi TV presenter and the host of MBC Show - MBC in A Week..